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Although every effort is made to post only accurate information on this site, an occasional error may occur, especially when the information comes from an outside source. We cannot be held responsible for these errors, or any others that may have slipped through.

Historical Material
Also, much of the material on this site is of a historical nature and has known errors. When we see them and where possible, we try to create a link from the incorrect information to a page with the correct information.

Neither SunVirgin.com, YmaSumac.com, their owner, nor any other associated parties make any claim to the validity of any information that is posted here, even though we try our best.

Song Credits
It is common knowledge that there were many legal battles involving the authorship of many of Yma Sumac's songs when each album first appeared. Generally speaking, SunVirgin.com and YmaSumac.com, being historical sites, use the "stabilized" credits from early releases. Since each song is entered into the database only once, then used for all pressings, these credits may not match those on some pressing. The credits are accurate to the best of our knowledge in spite of recent claims by EMI to the contrary. The credits as they appear are historically correct . Back to Top