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Privacy Policy
Collection of Information
No personally identifying information is collected at this site unless provided voluntarily by you while participating in the specific activity that asks for the information. In signing up to become a Member, which is completely optional at this time, you may be asked to furnish your address and other contact information. The purposes of providing this information as to your identity is for our and your protection and security.

Use of Information
The information you furnish in the registration process to become a Member will be used only by you and only as necessary when signing the Guestbook, creating a Link to an outside site or with any other similar features that may be added in which you choose to participate. In these instances, your name, location and e-mail address, or any other information that is specified clearly on the form, will be publicly posted so that you can be contacted in reference to your entry. The information is not sold or used for any other purpose.

This Web site collects information about your browser type, browser version, operating system and IP address, country, which is technical information typically relayed by the visitor's browser. Occasionally general statistics, such as counts of visitors in different Countries, for example, may be posted but if this is done, it will not contain any information on the identity of the visitor, nor is such information collected.

We may also collect information on which documents you request and the number of pages you view at this site. This information is used only as anonymous aggregate user data to determine whether improvements can be made in the site's design. For instance, we may keep a total count on the number of people visiting a certain web page, but do not keep personal information on the identity of an individual visitor in relation to pages visited.

Web Site Security
SunVirgin.com does not ask for any personal information requiring a high level of security. Your basic contact information is stored in a database in order to make it accessible only by you but to keep it out of reach of E-Mail Address Harvesters ("Spiders") and is accessible using a login name / password facility that is transferred as plain text without any form of encryption. Should you decide to order Merchandise, once you have selected your items and placed them into the cart, which is done anonymously, you submit your order to PayPal™ for payment processing where it is processed on a Secure Server. PayPal™ is not related to SunVirgin.com and acts only as a payment processing center with their own Privacy Policy which you should read at their location.

Cookies are small text files placed on your computer, often without your knowledge, while visiting certain sites on the Internet. They are used to identify your computer. For example, cookies are used by some sites to greet you personally.

On this Web site, a cookie containing the name of your Country that was automatically set or selected manually when first entering the site, and a few other technical ones relating to the needs of the site's programming language are used. For example, if your Country cannot be automatically detected and you are asked to select it manually, you will have to select it manually each and every time if Cookies are disabled. The Cookies are not used to collect or store information about you and do not track you if you return to our Web site.

You can prevent Cookies from being placed on your computer by accessing your browser's preferences menu and deleting existing cookies. There also are commercial programs available to help you manage cookies. Before taking such steps, you should be aware that some Web sites including this one may not work properly if you choose to block the placement of Cookies on your computer. You will need to decide whether enabling cookies outweigh privacy concerns. Back to Top