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About This Site
SunVirgin.com is one of the very first sites about Yma Sumac to appear on the Internet and was started almost as soon as there was an Internet on which to put it. It began because of a story about Yma Sumac that appeared in a record collector magazine in 1990 or 1991. Webmaster Don Pierson wanted to write to the author but first compiled a list of the records in his Yma Sumac collection to include with the letter. The letter never was written but the 'inventory' of his collection, which was a computer text-file, became the beginnings of the Discography on which the early editions of the site were based, and it has evolved from those humble beginnings to what you see here today! The extensive Discography has grown by leaps and bounds since then and is still a main focal point of the site as Don scours the world for "new" pressings to add to the Archives, or at least to get them into the Discography.

Changes and additions both to the programming that makes the site work and to the data on it are made constantly - sometimes several times a day! Please check back often to find out what is new. Look for the Latest News menu selection, which will bring up the Changes 7 Days page, to find the latest in updated pages or check the other Latest News items of interest. The "Latest News" pages have updates about shows, record releases, news about this site and other important up-to-the-minute information. The Latest Changes page was recently updated to allow for optionally finding updated information for items changed over longer periods of time.

There is also a Mailing List / Newsletter feature with which we e-mail updates to you from time to time, though mailings are very rare and done only when there is a need. For those with busy schedules, it is a great way to get very important news without having to go to the site. The mailing list is part of the site's Yma Sumac Fan Club area and when you become a member, you can select to add yourself to the list, and you can go back at any time to change your choice.

In early 2003, the entire site was moved into a relational database format for ease of maintenance and ease of adding new features. The Guestbook, Discography and a couple other features were already in database format but they have been entirely redesigned from the ground up and are now fully incorporated into the new layout.

A new membership Fan Club area adds special features for those who join. Unlike fan clubs of bygone days, an online one such as this allows for almost immediate updates when there is important news or other information: there is no need to wait for a monthly or even quarterly newsletter to arrive in the mail. We are just beginning development of this area which is currently free to join, and there is also a paid membership area that opens up many more areas of the site AND gives substantial discounts on most items sold through the site if logged in while ordering!

To become a Fan Club member, simply select Fan Club from the menu above, then select Join Now where you can enter your information application. If you wish to join the paid Fan Club area which adds many more features, join at the free level, then follow the prompts for payment. Please note that we have to move your membership from free to paid manually so it might take anywhere from a few minutes to a day or two. Back to Top